ice cubed is closed for the season.  Our big blue truck will hit the streets again Spring 2014.  Check out our winter project at: www.theoctagonmode.com
"Best Underground Dinner 2013"- New City

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Who loves frozen desserts? We do!

There’s nothing like a frosty ice pop or cold and creamy ice cream on a hot summer’s day. If you’re like us, you’ve loved frozen desserts since you were a kid and you remember running down the street to catch the ice cream truck. 
Now you are an adult, you still love frozen desserts and the ice cream truck is back: expressly created  for your grown up tastes.
Welcome to ice3
ice3 is Chicago's newest dessert company / food truck that specializes in small batch ice cream, hand-crafted ice pops and frozen desserts.  Our flavors are original, unexpected and most of all delicious.

Our inspiration comes, not only from the pastry kitchens and mixology bars of America, but  from the savory cooking lines as well.  The results are often sweet, tart and fruity. Sometimes vegetal, salty, spicy and herbaceous.  Frequently meaty and minerally.
  Our goal is to entice you to expand your idea of frozen desserts and ultimately, to delight your taste buds.